Overview of Facilities

YAMAHA STADIUM, which is used for playing soccer and rugby, is a stadium designed especially for ball games. This stadium features a fully covered main seating area and a steeply inclined ( 35 degrees) huge back stand. Operated and managed by a football club, it is one of the few stadiums used only for football in Japan. It is said this is the most comfortable stadium in which to watch a game in Japan.

Overview of the Stadium Facilities
Address 2500 Shingai, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka
Land area 26,492m2
of the ground
Size of the turf area 111m X 74.5m
Size of the field 105m X 68m
Grass type Tifton grass
Around the ground Artificial turf
Automatic sprinkler systems 6 units
Nighttime lighting 4 units (the average lighting on the field is more than 1500-lux)
Large-screen display system 1 unit: 378 inches (5.76m x 7.68m)
High brightness full color LED (red, green, blue)
of the main stand
Structure Reinforced concrete
with steel,
Four stories
above ground
Press box 84 seats