Club Profile

Club Philosophy
Sharing Dreams and Inspirations!

As part of the local community, we will share our journey and our dreams with soccer fans around the world. As a representative of our community, we will continue to inspire the world through the excitement of soccer.

Club Principle

Jubilo means "joy" in Portugese and Spanish. The club was named after a wish to provide joy and inspiration to each of its many generous fans. The club color is saxe blue.

YAMAHA Stadium

YAMAHA STADIUM, which is used for playing soccer and rugby, is a stadium designed especially for ball games. This stadium features a fully covered main seating area and a steeply inclined ( 35 degrees) huge back stand. Operated and managed by a football club, it is one of the few stadiums used only for football in Japan. It is said this is the most comfortable stadium in which to watch a game in Japan.